Our Amazing Primary Partnership for this Event!

Our Amazing Dedicated Partnership at Every Event!

kidpik, the go-to subscription box exclusively for girls, is pleased to support this Girl Uplifters Team™ event.   We applaud G.U.T. for promoting kindness and positivity in the lives of girls everywhere.

kidpik gives all girls who get a fashion box the opportunity to give back via our charity partnership with the GOOD+ Foundation.  Families who keep the entire kidpik box receive a 30% discount. Girls may donate any of the items in the box, sending them in the prepaid envelope provided, and still enjoy the discount. It’s a win-win—her family receives the 30% discount and girls in need receive brand new kidpik clothing.

Instagram: @kidpik
Facebook: @kidpikworld

Our Awesome Additional G.U.T Partners!

Vannii Girl

Vannii​ ​Girl®​ laces were created as a replacement for traditional shoelaces. Vannii​ ​Girl®​ Laces (VGL) says adios, au revoir, ciao, goodbye to “Traditional Shoelace Drama” (TSD). You know the kind… where traditional shoelaces get dragged through dirty floors (can you say, “EEEWWW…gas​ ​station​ ​bathrooms!?!”​); may require assistance to tie; create unattractive messy knots and bows; require constant retying; and, let’s face it…traditional shoelaces are plain and simply B-O-R-I-N-G​!!!

Visit their shop online!

Instagram: @vannigirl

Nina Kids Shoes

Nina Kids Shoes has been around for over 60 years and have branched out to children's shoes. We are so glad they did, because the shoes are AWESOME! Unique, stylish, and comfortable. We are grateful that they have provided sparkly pink shoes for all of the ambassadors, as well as a special item to raffle off at the event!

Instagram: @ninakidsshoes

Kindness U

Kindness U is a social movement, empowering young people through quick, easy, and fun activities.

Kindness U is the cliff notes for young people to take action and create social change.

At Kindness U, they truly believe that this generation can end bullying, inequality, entitlement and poverty, and embrace we thinking instead of me thinking.

Instagram: @kindness_u

OMG Sew Cute

Not only will founder of OMG Sew Cute be there selling her delicious treats at the event - she will also be designing and providing a little G.U.T Goody in the giveaway bags!!!

Her talents extend way beyond baking. You can check out her Etsy site here.

Instagram: @omgsewcute

Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter offers a healthy and natural selection of beauty products, used by many make-up artists in the entertainment industry. Perfect when you want a gentle and barely there look for your child.

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