Hello G.U.T Mates!

We are so excited to share the experience of the upcoming inaugural G.U.T Gathering™ for Young Girls and their Guardians! Below are key things you need to know to prepare yourself, and your young girl, for success at the event. Click here to find out how to get the most out of the event, and why it's important for guardians to participate. 

Location: TBD but hoping for the Walnut Creek, Danville, Lafayette area

Parking: To be announced

What to bring:
• Yoga mats for EACH attendee (they will be our seats)
• Water/snacks
• Comfy shoes for movement (soft soled shoes only please)
• Anything to help you feel comfortable!

Overview of the day: The schedule is meant to support the diverse age group effectively, in easily digestible bites – with the G.U.T Pledge, G.U.T Values, and specific tools being reinforced throughout each part of the curriculum.

  • CHECK IN, SHOPPING & PICTURES: 9:20a-10a. Please bring copy of your receipt (on your phone is okay)
  • The G.U.T SONG written and performed by Lily Kincade
  • SONG, & PLEDGE. Uplifting through teamwork and singing.
  • DANCE & MOVEMENT: Uplifting through the body and movement.
  • THE WAVES OF YUCK©: Understanding emotions.
  • STRESS RELIEF BREATHING: Uplifting through the breath.
  • TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES: for peers, family, and framily!
  • STRETCH & GROUND. Uplifting through Yoga.
  • LISTEN & SHARE. Uplifting through listening and sharing.
  • THINK POSITIVE. Uplifting through Guided Imagery.
  • RAFFLE of awesome prizes!
  • CLOSE of the event.


  • To plant the seeds of being an uplifting human with one’s self, and others. And learn about how you can continue to water the seed.
  • To learn two specific tools to help uplift: The Stress Relief Breath and Shaking It Out.
  • To allow a space to create an uplifting connection for you and your young girl(s).
  • To learn and practice nine ways to water those uplifting seeds: Singing, Dancing, Breathing, Stretching, Resting, Listening/Sharing, Teamwork, Thinking Positive, and Laughing/Playing!
  • To create CONNECTION and GROWTH Opportunities (COGO) among peers, family, and framily!
  • Build up your G.U.T!


Wondering why you're included? And how to get the most out of the event? Click here.

Must Knows...

  • There will be name tags. Please email all names/ages if you have not.
  • Feel free to take breaks whenever needed. This is meant to be a relaxed experience.
  • There will be a videographer, photographer, social media posts, & potentially media. *Please let us know if you do NOT want to be in camera view and we will arrange you accordingly.

Raffle Partners!

There will be awesome items raffled from our partners! Every single attendee will have (1) complimentary entry. Then you can purchase up to (10) more for a chance to win...

Special Thanks!

  • kidpik for being our Annual Partner
  • To @omgsewcute for providing us with a delicious treat to keep our day going!
  • Minuteman Press of Sorrento Valley for fulfilling all of our printing needs!

AIMEE CLARK, Facilitator

Aimee is the founder of the Girl Uplifters Team™ and the EQ it UP! Curriculum.  She will be teaching simple holistic techniques to support both talent and guardians with feeling grounded and confident through some of the challenging parts of what the entertainment business can bring. Dressed as a super hero - her intention is to do all of this is a fun and uplifting way!

She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has an additional  degree in Holistic Psychology. She combines body-mind techniques to support individuals, couples, and groups.

She is also the mother of two young girls in the business. Throughout the years, she has supported many new parents with understanding how the 'biz works and is currently working on a book about raising a healthy kid in Hollywood with her friend and fellow parent in the industry: Samantha Estevez.


"I'm so grateful to be apart of the G.U.T. Supporting Aimee and being able to up lift young woman with her has been a very special opportunity in my life."

Courtney is a yoga instructor for people of all ages - and one of our main yogis at the Girl Uplifters Team™ events. Teaching yoga on the mat or in a classroom is where you can find Courtney Day.

She started her yoga journey training at If I Was a Bird Yoga in San Diego, then she was hired as a wellness/yoga teacher at El Camino Creek Elementary in Encinitas. While finishing her Masters in teaching for General Education and Special Education, Courtney stays busy as an Instructional aide within the Encinitas school district, teaches spin at Sparkcycle in Lajolla, and teaches kids yoga at Buddhi in La Jolla as well!

Her plan was to always be a classroom teacher... but her practice in yoga has created so many opportunities for her to implement the practice of yoga inside and outside the classroom. Her purpose in life is to help children.



Marnina is an expert in Alternative Holistic Therapy. She is the founder of REIDENTIFY and has helped individuals with overcoming profound obstacles through the body and mind.

She and Aimee have worked together to create and facilitate curriculum for over 12 years. They are very excited to be working together at the Girl Uplifters Team™ events, as well as the upcoming G.U.T After School Workshop™! 

Learn more about Marnina.


We are so incredibly proud and excited to announce that Lily will be performing a song she has written specifically for the Girl Uplifters Team™! At 16, she has already established herself as a singer and songwriter.

Instagram: @thelilykincade
Lily on Twitter


"I love to encourage others and make them feel happy and confident".

Raquel is a singer, dancer, actor, and speaker! She helps with a charity called Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. She is the youngest ambassador and usually stands up and gives two minute speeches to potential donators.

She comes from a very loving and funny family - and learned from them that she loves the sound of laughter - especially if she's the one that caused it! She loves to act, dance, sing, draw, jamming out in her room to music, hanging with my friends, and making people smile.

She recently released her new song and video called Too Young spreading the positive message for young girls to take their time growing up.

IG and Instagram: @raqueljustice01


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Special Notes...

We want to uplift those organizations who are aligned with what we do. So, each G.U.T event will dedicate 10% of all ticket sales to a specific charity! For this event, we have chosen Zuri Love. We will be collecting blankets, scarves, and socks for the homeless as well!

WE TRUST YOU WILL LOVE THIS EVENT! We have created this event to leave all attendees feeling uplifted. If for some reason you did not get that loving feeling, we will refund minus the donation and administrative fees of $5 ($7.50 total).

NO-SHOWS. Your spot is reserved just for you. Please provide 72 hours notice if you cannot attend a G.U.T event for a full refund, minus the donation and administrative fees.  If for some reason you do not attend with no explanation, you will be offered the amount of your ticket towards the next event.

click here for a list of upcoming events

Some thoughts from our G.U.T Mates!

"I loved the yoga, I loved your breathing and your comedic relief, and the moments where we could all laugh together. I loved the dancing and the music!"
"Great event!  My kids really loved it, and so did I".
"We plan to go to all the future events. I think this event is great for all young girls...the event really sent a message of leading an uplifting life for yourself and for others".
"I truly loved the messages because they are so important, especially for young girls."
"Thank you for such a great event.  This afternoon, when [my son] was upset and crying, [my daughter] showed him the shake it off breath and breathe with a roar after...it was really cute.  Great tools the kids can use!"

Some of the favorite parts of the G.U.T...

"...Yoga, then dancing and listening to singers, lessons about overcoming stress/anxiety/yucky feelings, lessons on breathing-these were all so awesome and beneficial!"

"...The message, the music, the yoga, cute goodie bags and positive vibes!"
"...Watching girls bond and your inspiring words!"
"...The message and feeling of connecting with my girls on a mother daughter level as well as connecting with other Moms - and watching my girls connecting with other strong, confident girls!"
"...Connecting with my girls, dancing, laughing."

Want to Join the G.U.T?

You got it!