What is a G.U.T Teen Ambassador?

A G.U.T Teen Ambassador is someone who - along with their family - has a desire to spread the word about the organization. Through helping out at the events, reaching out to others, and just sharing about the G.U.T in their every day life, an ambassador really believes and wants to live the G.U.T missionG.U.T Pledge and Values!

Our Teen Ambassadors have a special role in that not only do they serve as leaders and mentors for their peers - but also for the younger female population. They are true role models and are already out there doing things that demonstrate they are an Uplifter.

The teens below are our "official" G.U.T Ambassadors whose families have demonstrated a desire to give back to their community. Some of them are influencers who have chosen to use their voice for good! They represent and share about the G.U.T based on their actions in UPLIFTING others.

Any girl can be a G.U.T Ambassador by simply choosing to be on the G.U.T, living out the the G.U.T Pledge and Values!

Lily Kincade, 16

Lily is our first ever Girl Uplifters Team™ Teen Ambassador. She has naturally served as a role model for many of the young girls through her actions - teaching them positive lessons about food, confidence, and being kind.

Lily is a talented musician - writing and performing her own music since age 11 - including the G.U.T Song called Lift Me Up. 

A vegan since age eight, she dedicates her time to leaving a positive impact physically, mentally, and emotionally. She recently launched @whatdoyouradiate, an L.A. based clothing line that donates a percentage back to local animal shelters.

IG and Twitter: @thelilykincade

Raquel Justice, 13

"I love to encourage others and make them feel happy and confident".

Raquel helps with a charity called Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. She is the youngest ambassador and usually stands up and gives two minute speeches to potential donators.

She comes from a very loving and funny family - and learned from them that she loves the sound of laughter - especially if she's the one that caused it! She loves to act, dance, sing, draw, jamming out in her room to music, hanging with my friends, and making people smile.

She recently released her new song and video called Too Young spreading the positive message for young girls to take their time growing up.

IG and Instagram: @raqueljustice01

You can be an Ambassador right now by just living within the G.U.T Values, and the G.U.T Pledge!


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