You are visiting our online store as we plant the seeds for what we hope to be a legacy of products inspiring girls uplifting girls for generations to come. Whether you choose to wear a G.U.T Power Bracelet, or interchange our Charmspirations™ in your hair, around your neck, or on your backpack...we hope that you will wear it knowing you are part of an inspirational and powerful global movement!

As of right now, each item is designed and handmade by the G.U.T's Head Uplifter, Aimee Clark, with lots of input from her Co-Founders and daughters, Maya and Olivia.

Thanks to the 100 Dollar Story, all profits from a specific product will be set aside for charities, organizations and sponsorships that align with the G.U.T Dreams, Pledge, & Values. The first product is the TRUST you G.U.T Power Bracelet.


Charmspirations™ is a © of Girl Uplifters Team 2017