Available for the 2018-19 School Year

We have recently completed the first ever EQ it UP! After School Workshop™ and it was amazing! We literally watched their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) increase and their confidence build!

EQ it UP! just completed its first ever facilitator training, which means we now have EIGHT more awesome individuals to teach these workshops throughout San Diego, Long Beach, Yucca Valley, and the Washington Peninsula area!
(p.s. We are also in the process of creating a workshop for boys)!

Our purpose:
To proactively plant the seeds of self-confidence and self-care for young girls by supporting them with social and emotional wellness, and increasing Emotional Intelligence (EQ), specifically in areas that girls are typically challenged.

What is it?
This is an 8-week after-school program supporting young girls with uplifting themselves and others through self, social, and emotional wellness. Utilizing the EQ it UP!™ Curriculum, the intention is to support them with increasing their emotional intelligence through Education, Practice, Reinforcement, and Engagement, within themselves and among their peers...truly creating a Girl Uplifters Team™.

Location: at the school
Dates: determined by the needs of the school
Times: right after school for one hour
Click her for Frequently Asked Questions.

All of our facilitators have had a counseling or educational background and have completed the facilitator training specific to the curriculum.

All curriculum has been created, and is the intellectual property of  Aimee Clark and AZ GROWTH and The Growth Vigilante. Aimee is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a focus on Holistic Psychology. She has been in practice since 2002, taking special interest in Emotional Intelligence and self, social, and emotional wellness.

What does it include?
• 8-week program (Parents encouraged to attend final class)!
An additional 45 minute introductory workshop and Q&A for the parents/guardians
• A packet of goodies to keep up their practice after the class
• A special package courtesy of the G.U.T including a shirt!

What is taught?
*Subject to change
Week One: Being Part of a Team
Week Two:
Understanding and Taking Care of Feelings and Needs
Week Three:
Self-Awareness and Awareness of Others
Week Four:
Friendships/Relationships, Communication & Compassion
Week Five:
Believing in Yourself
Week Six: Loving Yourself and Others
Week Seven: Accepting Yourself and Others
Week Eight: Creating Community and Group Close

Have a child in Kids Care? We will coordinate to make sure your child is safely transported to and from the group.

Want an Assembly? We also offer customized gatherings for Elementary Schools, either solely for girls or mixed gender!

Weekly Format

Open with Girl Uplifters Team Chant and Sing the G.U.T Pledge

Review of Waves of Emotion and Stress Relief Breathing

Stretching with Positive Values

Weekly education of a specific topic

Personal-Building Activity

Team-Building Activity

Sharing & discussion of that topic

Guided Imagery to give and receive Kindness

Close with G.U.T Team Chant, Handshake, and Hugs

Potential Activities We Will Do!

We are continuously adding activities to support with uplifting one's self, and others. For this initial workshop, we will be trying different activities to see what works best for different age groups. Click here to see the descriptions!

Intellectual Property

All EQ it UP!™ related products are the intellectual property of Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark, AZ Growth, and The Growth Vigilante © 2018

Want to Create Your Own G.U.T Event?

We have several different options for customized curriculum - from small groups to large groups. Whether you are a Girl Scout, on an Indian Princess campout, a community simply wanting to do an event with your neighbors, or a school - we can help you create what would work best for your population.