The Customized Great Uplifters Team™ Gathering
(for just girls -or- mixed gender populations)

Are you looking for a unique motivational event for your group? The Great Uplifters Team™ Assembly is an educational and holistic experience, which allows you to customize based on the needs or your group.

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We have special pricing for school assemblies! We can customize the event based on the needs and demographics of your school. These groups are split into grade level, based on class size:

Middle School
High School

Our curriculum focuses on nine ways to uplift one's self and other: SINGING. DANCING. MOVING. BREATHING. STRETCHING. POSITIVE THINKING. SHARING & LISTENING. LAUGHING.

Below is a menu of different items to customize your event. Each item lasts about 20 minutes, so you can put together what works best for your group. An event will last a minimum of 30 minutes. This includes two menu items of your choice, as well as 10 minutes at the start and end for opening/closing of the event. *All timeframes can be adjusted based on the needs of your group!

We also offer 30 and 60-minute Traditional G.U.T Gatherings (see below).

We are looking for companies and individuals to donate a program to the school(s) of their choice. If you know someone who would like to sponsor a school assembly, please let us know!

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Your personalized program comes with a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

Traditional 30 Minute G.U.T Gathering

Intention: To educate about the Waves of Emotion, the YUCKY waves, and how to help those waves go away so you can have a better day. We will learn and practice how to do that through dancing, breathing, and positive thinking!

The Schedule:

  • G.U.T Chant
  • G.U.T Pledge Song
  • Education: The Wave of Emotions
  • Breathing: Education and Practice of the SRB
  • Guided Imagery & Stress Relief Breathing: Positive thinking exercise
  • Dancing/Shaking it Off: Education and Practice of physical movement to release
  • Close with G.U.T Chant
Traditional 60 Minute G.U.T Gathering

This is the same as the 30 minute G.U.T Gathering with extended exercises and the addition of a Community G.U.T GIVES Project. We educate about how being a part of the greater good can be uplifting and each child will complete a G.U.T Mosaic to be included in our upcoming global fundraiser: The G.U.T Quilt Quest™!


Browse our G.U.T Menu Items and pick and choose what you would like for your group. We can shorten or lengthen any exercise based on your needs!

CREATE YOUR OWN using our menu items below!

Uplifting through the Breath

Length of time: 20 minutes
Intention: To learn a breath that will support them with relieving stress and worry, and reinforce the Values.

What we will do: Attendees will learn several different breathing techniques to support with self-care and uplifting one's self.

Music, Dance & the G.U.T Values!

Length of time: 20 minutes
Intention: To feel Uplifted through the body and music!

What we will do:
Using Music, we will reinforce the G.U.T Values and/or Pledge with the intention of uplifting one's self and others through the body and music!

Singing & the Uplifter's Pledge!

Length of time: 20 minutes
Intention: To feel Uplifted through expression and the voice!

What we will do:
Using our voice, we will reinforce the Values and/or Pledge with the intention of uplifting one's self and others through expression and release through the voice!

Mirror Play

Length of time: 20 minutes
Intention: Uplift One's Physical Self-Image

What we will do:
Using a mirror, this activity will support children with acceptance of themselves and others. We will use mirrors for them to uplift themselves, and then they will partner up and mirror each other to practice acceptance of each other and their differences.

Exercise & the Values

Length of time: 20 minutes
Intention: Reinforce the Uplifter Values through exercise!

What we will do:
Low import, non-strenuous. This activity is meant to get you moving and, at the same time, teach and reinforce the Values and the Pledge!

Uplifting Guided Imagery!

Length of time: 20 minutes
Intention: To feel uplifted through visualization and positive thinking.

What we will do:
Attendees will experience beginner's education in consciously breathing. They will be guided through an uplifting imagery, supporting them bringing in, and sharing, positive, uplifting, and loving thoughts about themselves and others.

Let's G.U.T Weird!

Length of time: 20 minutes
Intention: To teach the importance of laughing at one's self as a way to let go of negative self-image, and uplift one's self.

What we will do:
We will engage in silly and weird activities that are meant to be enjoyable and vulnerable at the same time. We will teach about the healthy benefits of being able to laugh at one's self, versus getting stuck in the idea that one cannot make a mistake.

Mirroring Each Other

Length of time: 20 minutes
Intention: To teach the importance of sharing and listening.

What we will do:
Children will face each other and practice sharing uplifting thoughts, ideas, and phrases. We will practice the concept of sharing, as well as listening.

Stretching & the Pledge

Length of time: 20 minutes
Intention: To educate about the basics of feeling centered and grounded, and to reinforce the Pledge through the breath and the body.

What we will do:
Attendees will learn and practice a simple stretching sequence coinciding with our Pledge.

Art and G.U.T Values: Quilt

Length of time: 20 minutes
Intention: Reinforce the G.U.T Values through Art
*This is dedicated to a girls only project*

What we will do:
Attendees will complete an art project highlighting our G.U.T Values that will be included in the G.U.T QUILT QUEST.

Art and Uplifter Values: Beautiful Oops!

Length of time: 20 minutes
Intention: To teach that there are no mistakes.

What we will do:
Inspired by Barney Saltzberg's book, Beautiful Oops! this activity will focus on the concept of uplifting one's self when you make a mistake. It will also introduce the concept of trusting there are no mistakes, and we can always learn and grow into something beautiful!

For the Parents and Administration

For the Administration

Length of time: 60 minutes
Intention: How to Uplift Your Students

What we will do:

A teacher or administrator of Elementary-aged students usually wears many hats. S/he is also secondary guardian, role model, counselor, and referee. Being able to fulfill those roles in an uplifting way can be challenging. Therefore, this interactive workshop will support you with supporting and uplifting one's self, as well as the students, in both proactive (when things are great) and reactive (when something challenging comes up) scenarios.

For the Parent/Guardian

Length of time: 60 minutes
Intention: How to Be an Uplifting Parent/Guardian

What we will do:

The Great Uplifters Team™ Assembly is meant to plant the seeds of uplifting one's self, and others. This event is to support the Parent/Guardian with watering that seed. Attendees will

  • Get insight, tips, and education on how to support their child in an uplifting way, specifically during challenging moments
  • Learn and practice the tools taught to the children at the assembly
  • Have time to ask real life questions and learn how to use the tools and insight in that moment

About the Facilitator: Aimee Zakrewski Clark, MA, LMFT

Aimee is a licensed psychotherapist, practicing for over 15 years. She has a Master's Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and is a dissertation away from completing her doctorate in Holistic Psychology. As a result, she has an integrative approach to therapy – and life! As a mother of two young girls, she is very active in their school as a volunteer, PTA member, Red Ribbon Week Coordinator, and Co-Leader of the Kids for Peace chapter. In her study of human nature, she has consistently observed challenges between students at an early age. This motivated her to start the Girl Uplifters Team™ with her daughters. She quickly saw the benefit of adapting the exercises for all genders, which is why the school programs are now being offered to boys and girls.
She loves to have fun and use the body, mind, and heart – so her events always include movement, laughter, music, creativity, and breathing. Overall, her intention for an assembly is to help each child plant the seeds for uplifting themselves and others. By teaching a child to consistently strive for kindness and positivity – it can shift their perspective and actions throughout life’s challenges. The exercises are enjoyable, simple, and effective – allowing them to leave with at least one solid tool on how to do that.

Want to Join the G.U.T?

Well, we would love to have you! When you simply decide to be a part of the G.U.T then we know that you are part of the collective desire to support girls uplifting girls.