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"Don't get STUCK IN THE YUCK! Help that wave GO AWAY so you can have a BETTER DAY!" ~ Aimee



Based on the EQ it UP!™ curriculum, the goal is to teach about Making Healthy Choices through increasing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) at an early age, using highly effective tools and concepts, in a fun and interactive way!

Target audience:  Kindergarten – 5th grade students
Suggested split: K-2nd and 3rd-5th

Length of Time:     30-60 minutes (based on consult)

What we will do: Dressed as a RRW super hero, aka Red Ribbon RUBY, Aimee will educate about Making Healthy Choices in a fun, interactive way using the body, mind, and voice – drawing upon real life social experiences at school. The focus will be on the RRW key messages!

Your Students will Learn and Practice: 

  • Self-care during a challenging moment
  • About the waves of emotions
  • The four types of the Stress Relief Breath (SRB)
  • How to quiet the negative thoughts, and bring in the positive using the SRBs
  • How to release stress and uplift themselves through physical exercise
  • Specifically two major tools: Stress Relief Breathing, and Shaking it Off

 The Schedule:

  • Red Ribbon Week Chant
  • Singing: we will interactively sing a Red Ribbon Week Rap
  • Breathing: Education and Practice of the SRB
  • Guided Imagery & Stress Relief Breathing: Positive thinking exercise
  • Dancing/Shaking it Off: Education and Practice of physical movement to release
  • Close with the RRW Chant

Special notes: 

  • Two assemblies may be necessary based on the number of total students
  • Sound system needs to be provided
  • It would be wonderful if teachers and parents could observe and provide feedback


SPECIAL PRICING for the inaugural RRW Uplifters Assembly™:
$250 (30 minutes)
$350 (45 minutes)
Two 30-minute assemblies: $400
*Each child will receive a special RRW gift!*

Available timeframes for the length of RRW is as follows:

Monday, 10/29/18: 11:15am, 1:15pm

Tuesday, 10/30/18: 8:15am, 10:15am, 12:15pm

Wednesday, 10/31/18: 8:15am, 10:15am, 12:15pm

Thursday, 11/01/18: 8:15am, 10:15am, 12:15pm

Friday, 11/02/18: 8:15am, 10:15am, 12:15pm

*There may be flexibility in time based on your school's daily schedule.

Please contact Aimee at uplift@girlupliftersteam.com or at (760) 803-3600 for your free 20-minute consultation.


Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark, MA, LMFT
Aimee is a licensed psychotherapist, practicing for over 15 years. She has a Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and is completing her dissertation in Holistic Psychology. She is also the founder of the No Stress Foundation, where her team developed the Stress Relief Breath (SRB). As a result, she has an integrative approach to therapy – and life! As a mother of two young girls, she is very active in their school as a volunteer, PTA member, Red Ribbon Week Coordinator, and Co-Leader of the Kids for Peace chapter. In her study of human nature, she has consistently observed challenges between students at an early age. This motivated her to start the Girl Uplifters Team™ with her daughters. She quickly saw the benefit of adapting the exercises for all genders, leading her to develop the RRW Uplifters Assembly™ as well as the customizable Uplifters Assembly™. She loves to have fun and use the body, mind, voice, and heart – so her events always include movement, laughter, music, creativity, and breathing. Overall, her intention for school events is to help each child plant the seeds for uplifting themselves and others. By teaching a child to consistently strive for self-care, kindness, and positivity – it can shift their perspective and actions throughout life’s challenges. The exercises are enjoyable, simple, and effective – allowing them to leave with at least one solid tool that can be put into practice immediately.


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