What is it?

A quest to inspire an international art project creating an amazingly beautiful paper quilt the size of a football field. We have two goals:

  • To get the message of Kids Uplifting Kids in a fun and powerful way, making a positive impact on a global level.
  • To raise funds to give back to our global community in a big way. We intend to gain enough support and attention so that individuals and companies worldwide will join us in celebrating the community completion of this project.

How it will work

Individuals throughout the world will have an opportunity to be part of the G.U.T Quilt Quest by coloring one of our G.U.T Mosaics, either by:

  • Attending a special event and coloring a G.U.T Mosaic in person, or
  • Downloading one of the G.U.T Mosaics and mailing it in (details coming soon). In the mean time...YOU CAN MAKE a G.U.T Mosaic RIGHT NOW! Here's how: 

Send us an email at uplift@girlupliftersteam.com and we will send you a mosaic to color.

OR cut out a 6x6 square and design your own with any positive message you'd like. Make sure to sign your name and mail it to:

Girl Uplifters Team
10951 Sorrento Valley Road
Suite 2G
San Diego, CA 92121

What is the purpose of The Great Uplifters Team™ Quilt Quest?

The G.U.T Quilt Quest wants to spread the message of Kids Uplifting Kids in a HUMUNGOUS, FANTABULOUS and POWERFUL way. So...why not cover a football field with our girl-made paper quilt from young girls all around the world? Not only will we make something beautiful - but we will create GLOBAL UNITY among our G.U.T Mates!

How many G.U.T Mosaics do we need?

In order to cover a standard football field, we will need approximately 180,000 of our 6x6 pictures. Think we can do it? ABSOLUTELY!

How will we raise funds?

Two ways:

  1. Once we begin collecting mosaics, we will ask individuals and businesses to sponsor one or more mosaics that will be part of the G.U.T QUILT. Mosaics will be in $1, $5, and $10 increments. You can either purchase someone else's mosaic, or sponsor your own!
  2. Overall donations towards the project's mission: which is to bring the G.U.T QUILT to different football fields in the country, and have entire stadiums doing the Stress-Relief-Breath-Shake-it-Up-Combo together!

What will we do with fundraising dollars?

Although we are in the process of solidifying exactly where the funds will go, here are some of our hopes:

  • Events for the lower income
  • Awards and scholarships for those who fulfill the G.U.T GIVES criteria (coming soon)
  • Global outreach to support other countries with being UPLIFTERS
  • Donations and/or Collaborative projects with individuals and companies aligned wth the G.U.T Pledge & Values.

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