Our Story

Our story began when I (Aimee/mother) had a conversation with my eight-year old daughter, Olivia. She wanted to create her own "thing" for girls her age. She wasn't sure what it could be. Both of us love feathers, so we thought it would be cool to do something with that. The pink feather became the center of our creativity...and we knew we wanted to do something that would help other young girls.

With a combination of the feather, the desire to help young girls, and awareness of how girls can put down girls, the Girl Uplifters Team™ came to me one morning when I was waking up with a meditation. The business plan was clear and written in my brain before it was time to take the girls to school.

It did not take long before this became a Clark girls project. Olivia, her sister (Maya, 6), and I began talking, brainstorming, and just getting excited about what we can do!

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