It's More than Just a Name and Logo...

What's in a name? A logo? Well, for the Girl Uplifters Team™ - A LOT. And it all came to me in a meditation...

Let's start with the "G.U.T"

When I heard my 5yo talking about her "flat belly", and my 8yo old worried about her legs, I felt compelled. No way. It was too much; too young.  It is time that we begin to teach girls at an early age to look at their bodies in a healthier way. So, we decided to start by putting some positive energy around the word "GUT".

We want you to Join the G.U.T, Find your G.U.T, Embrace your G.U.T, and Trust your G.U.T. We want you to have the biggest G.U.T you've ever seen, forever.

What is the Meaning of the Name?

We knew that we wanted a name that included the word and concept of UPLIFTING OTHERS. We also wanted to create a connected, collective consciousness that would work together, with the same game plan. Boom: Girl Uplifters Team™.

What is the Meaning of the Feather?

The Girl Uplifters Team™ (GUT) logo was created with deep thought and intention. The feather itself is colored with various hues of pink, representing unconditional love, friendship, compassion, kindness, and faithfulness.

It has nine total points, representing true humanitarian and a desire to fight for social justice, and those who are less fortunate.

It has 33 internal lines, encompassing so much of the G.U.T. intentions: getting things done, being a role model, nurturing and good will to all things, altruism, forgiveness, humanitarianism, and overall creating a stronger understanding of love and harmony among others.

It has three feathers in total. The middle feather represents the individual: inner strength and individuality. The two additional feathers joined together, touching at it’s stem, represents the union; the team - also creating a beautiful imagery.

The meaning: we are more beautiful and stronger when we are united.