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This page is dedicated to resources outside of the G.U.T that will be helpful in your endeavor to live the G.U.T Values and THRIVE in self and social awareness, and learn and practice self care.

Emotional Intelligence and Children

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a powerful thing. When we support our child with emotional awareness and emotional self-care it better prepares them for making a healthy choice when faced with a challenge.

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Child Development: Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Social

All that we teach and practice at the G.U.T gatherings are based around the cognitive development of the brain, including self & social awareness, emotional self-care, stress and resiliency.

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Stress Care for Everyone

Learning how to cope with those waves of stress is an important part of healthy child development. It prepares them for the typical and potential challenges that may come with life.

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Creating Compassion & Empathy

Compassion and Empathy are two things that change a moment around. Whether you, or your child, is just having a wave of yuck pass through, or something HUGE is happening - the simple actions of Compassion and Empathy can be all we need to make it through.

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Uplifting Social Media!

Who would have thought there were so many social media sites out there with the intention to bring good into the world!

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Uplifting Organizations!

It has been amazing to research and find the organizations out there with the same mission to support, uplift, and empower young girls and women! We are all in this together and every one of these groups bring us one step closer to a healthy and positive experience being a girl in this world. #uplift #thrive

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Awesome Articles!

Words are so powerful. And when they are put together in a way that educates and adds to our daily lives they truly UPLIFT!

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