What is it?

#LetsGUTWeird is a special project getting girls - and those who support them - around the globe to laugh at themselves. When a person can laugh at themselves, they gain the ability to move through mistakes or embarrassing moments, versus getting stuck in them.

How it will work

Individuals throughout the world will have an opportunity to be part of the #LetsGUTWeird project by emailing us a picture of the silliest face they can make to uplift@girlupliftersteam.com!

If you want to be notified when we have events, please sign up on our mailing list below!

What is the purpose of#LetsGUTWeird?

#LetsGUTWeird has the purpose to support individuals with a building a strong sense of self. The ability to laugh at one's self, and let go of looking perfect, supports a person with knowing they are actually perfect just as they are.

We want it you to be a part of#LetsGUTWeird. We want you to be SUPER proud of it! And we will be right there with you - just a bunch of G.U.T Weirdos getting silly and laughing together!