The G.U.T Values

Teaching a child values at a young age plants the seeds in what will be their emotional, mental, and relational garden. When you practice and reinforce these values, they begin to get deeply rooted. And soon, they become part of their natural, every day living. Each value can be demonstrated in their thoughts and behaviors - within themselves, among their G.U.T mates, and into the world, creating an abundant, powerful, and loving garden.


Learn Them

Be encouraging

Be kind

Be helpful

Be understanding

Be grateful

Be excited!

Practice Them

Be comforting

Be humble

Be forgiving

Be thoughtful

Be aware

Be open

Live Them

Be accepting

Be friendly

Be positive

Be loving

Be yourself

Be a teammate!

The G.U.T Pledge

I pledge to be uplifting to everyone I see,

I pledge to be encouraging, and the kindest I can be.

I pledge to show I’m grateful, for the friend I have in you,

I pledge to try to be helpful, and understanding too.

I pledge to cheer you on, when you are feeling glad.

I pledge to have a hug for you, when you are feeling sad.

I pledge to share a great big smile, and have an open heart.

I pledge to really listen, when you want to talk.

I pledge to be friendly, and have fun along the way.

I pledge to compliment you just to brighten up your day!

I pledge to be aware, of what I say and do.

I pledge to be accepting, of myself and YOU.

I pledge to be positive, and celebrate your dreams.

I pledge to be an awesome part of the Girl Uplifters Team!

Want to Join the G.U.T?

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