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Becoming a G.U.T Mate only takes one thing: a commitment to be an UPLIFTER. When you commit to following the G.U.T Pledge and G.U.T Values - you join a community of young girls that all have that same thing in mind: to uplift other girls!

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Why become a G.U.T Mate?

In life, we are constantly pushed to build up our mental intelligence (IQ). In that endeavor, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) gets neglected (some of you may be hearing that terminology for the first time)! When a young girl becomes a G.U.T Mate, she gets the chance to build up that EQ, and become a part of a global community with the same game plan: to lift each other up.

She will feel empowered! She will feel supported!

She will have more opportunities and ways to learn about UPLIFTING, from the inside out.

She will grow. Even better, YOU, the person who is on this page, reading this right now, will grow with her. Anyone who is an active part of the G.U.T will grow mentally and emotionally, as well as be part of positive change in their peer group, town, community, and the world.

When we all have the same desire to be an UPLIFTER, we grow stronger and more aware TOGETHER.