The G.U.T Gathering

The main Girl Uplifters Team™ Gatherings are a place where young girls and their guardians can come to spend some time uplifting themselves and others. Through fun, educational, and peer/family team-building activities each attendee learns and practices ways to support themselves with self, social, and emotional wellness. It is truly an opportunity to spend time with each other in ways that are rare in the daily demands of life!

The G.U.T for Schools

We are very excited to be launching two different ways you can bring a G.U.T Event to your school.

The G.U.T Assembly

The first is through an assembly, which can be presented in one of our standard 30 or 60 minute formats - or - you can customize based on the needs of your students. The assembly is offered for girls only or mixed gender population. Click here for more information!

The G.U.T Workshop

We are just about to begin our pilot G.U.T Workshop starting in April - an eight weeklong after school program to support with self, social, and emotional wellness and increasing emotional intelligence.

Based on the observations and feedback, we will make additional adjustments and this class will be ready to implement in schools starting in the 2018-19 school year. Right now, the G.U.T Class will only be offered in the San Diego through Los Angeles area. As we grow, we will add more facilitators throughout the United States.

Why come to a G.U.T Gathering?

It is simple: to expose young girls to the reinforcement and practice of being an Uplifter in a way that is powerful, fun, and effective!