What is a G.U.T Ambassador?

A G.U.T Ambassador is someone who - along with their family - has a desire to spread the word about the organization. Through helping out at the events, reaching out to others, and just sharing about the G.U.T in their every day life, an ambassador really believes and wants to live the G.U.T missionG.U.T Pledge and Values!

The girls below are our "official" G.U.T Ambassadors whose families have demonstrated a desire to give back to their community. Some of them are influencers who have chosen to use their voice for good! They represent and share about the G.U.T based on their actions in UPLIFTING others.

Any girl can be a G.U.T Ambassador by simply choosing to be on the G.U.T, living out the the G.U.T Pledge and Values!

Alexis, 10

"I like brightening someone's day by being positive!"

Alexis actively supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Ronald McDonald House.  She is also a Girl Scout and performs community service with her troop. She is always there for her friends and family, and never hesitates to be a shoulder to lean on, or give a hug to someone in need.  She loves music and is always singing or playing piano or her ukelele.  She also hosts her own Youtube Channel which focuses on "positive" kid-oriented topics and causes.


Jasmine, 9

"I love being a nice friend. Making hearts shine since 2009!"
Jasmine is a Kindness Ambassador for Kids for Peace. She loves to stand up for those in need. She is an advocate of Human Rights, equality, and feeding and housing the homeless. She advocates for non-judgment of others based off of the color of their skin or country of origin. She is focused on spreading love, positive energy and good vibes. She is passionate, compassionate and fierce.
She enjoys spending time with her pets and working on her business, "Jasmine's Dog Babysitting Company". She loves acting, singing, dancing and performing on stage! Broadway bound! Jasmine truly believes the sky is the limit and you can do anything you put your mind to.


Ivy, 9

"I love to play with kids younger than me in my neighborhood and teach then how to be kind and smart.  We play a lot of school and I teach them all sorts of new things.  I am a natural nurturer and love bug.  I hug all my friends and always have a cheerful word for people!  Together we can do anything"!

Ivy and her family love to go feed the homeless with the organization “Fill-a-Belly”.  She also does charity work with the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter.  Her family donates toys, books and clothes to orphans in Tijuana, and like to keep extra food and money in our car to help those we see on the streets. With her Girl Scout troop, she does a lot of field trips to helpall sorts of different things to animals, cleaning the community and beaches, etc.

Ivy is going into 3rd Grade and loves playing with her friends, dancing, and singing her way through life! She enjoys cooking and musical theatre, Girl Scouts, and animals. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She has a BIG family and loves being a social butterfly!


Miya C., 11

"I like to compliment people as often as possible"

Miya's favorite charities are Ronald McDonald House and 2 Hearts for Hope. She is also very interested in feeding the homeless and hungry in her community. Miya is a unique spirit and old soul. She loves getting to know everyone, children and adults alike - and gives hugs freely.  She's an artist and aspiring chef.  You can see her as Marigold on American Housewife and as Zu in the upcoming Fox Feature film, The Darkest Minds.

Maya C., 7

“I like to give hugs and high fives!”

Maya is an active member and Ambassador for Kids for Peace. She has a large heart for the homeless, and shows it by making lunches, and giving them items they need. She was born a natural love bug. She is known to give some pretty solid spider monkey hugs, and a chicken whisperer. She loves to sing, dance, and get silly with her sister. You can see her playing Chloe on the The Thundermans!

Eloise E., 11

"I like to give a little extra encouragement to those around me, especially when they need it. I like to build up the underdog!" 

Eloise is hoping to start volunteering at a local animal shelter when she is old enough, and get more involved with a childhood cancer charity. She is fun, smart and knows what she wants. She loves to hang with her friends, and has become passionate about writing music.  She has a huge heart, so much so that her dad calls her his "golden heart".

Scarlett E., 9

"I like to bring my friends together.
I am an includer!" 
Scarlett is a vegetarian, so naturally loves a organization like PETA. She has also gotten involved with Alex's Lemonade Stand, which is a charity for childhood cancer. She is contagiously happy and makes her friends and family laugh every day. She has a true love for sushi and the outdoors, and is obsessed with her dog Johnny. She bonds with almost any animal she meets, and the same can be said with people too. You can see her on Fox's Lucifer as Trixie, and Megan in Daddy's Home.

Olivia R., 10

"I love to smile!"

Olivia doesn't like bullies, and she stands her ground when she sees someone getting bullied. She loves gymnastics , and has fun making up fantasy worlds in which all involve rainbow sparkly things, glitter everywhere, and everyone is dancing and singing! Olivia and her family volunteer at Animal Hope and Wellness once a week, and love and support any charity that helps animals find loving homes! They also volunteer at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles because they love making kids smile! 

Layla, 9 & Mia, 7

"Be a friend to everyone!  Stay kind, spread love and have fun!"

Layla and Mia are both actively involved in Girl Scouts.  They recognize the importance of giving back and enjoy devoting time and resources to Children's Hospital and animal shelters.  They also spend time feeding the homeless and supporting those who are less fortunate.

Layla is a sweet, old soul with a fiery personality.  She has a compassionate heart and does not hesitate to interfere when she witnesses someone being treated poorly.  She has a very curious mind, and loves to strike up conversation with anyone and everyone.  Layla loves school, singing, dancing, theater and playing with her sister.  She loves animals, and dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian.

Mia has a wild spirit and an enormous love for life!  She loves to make people laugh, and is and always entertaining.  Mia has a huge loving heart and she gives the best hugs around!  Mia enjoys dancing, gymnastics, reading, and playing with her sister.

Liv Z., 9

"I like to give a smile to a girl with a frown and
make her my new friend!"
Liv and her family love fostering neonatal kittens for the San Diego Humane Society, organizing SuperFood Drives, and sharing the GUT Pledge.
 Liv was born a little yogi - spreading the message of love for others and self love!  She loves to make people smile by singing, dancing and acting!  Liv is always looking for a new way to help the community! She is interested in volunteering with local children's hospitals reading or playing with patients - and hopes to soon help train rescued animals as support animals and service animals. 
Liv is thrilled to be a Girl Uplifters Team™ Ambassador and help be the change!

Shiloh N., 9

"I love to encourage girls to not be afraid".

With eight brothers, Shiloh has always been very outgoing. She likes to encourage girls to take risks, not be afraid what others might think and know that girls can be tough too! She volunteers with Generation On, a program that encourages kids to make their mark on the world. Shiloh enjoys rhythmic gymnastics, stunt training, writing songs and playing with her puppy. She is a ray of sunshine, and loves making new friends, and spreading joy wherever she goes. She's very excited to be a part of G.U.T!

Jade B., 9

"I believe every kid deserves a warm, loving home and should be respected for exactly who they are! It's cool to be you!"
Jade is an ally for the LGBTQ community and likes to speak and educate her community on acceptance. She also likes to speak on behalf of youth in foster care. Jade is strong, wise beyond her years is a fierce superhero in her own right. She adores a good sunshine-y day where she can be outside-surfing, skating, Super Girl-ing and feeling loved by her friends. If you can't find her outside, then more than likely she's found a cozy nook and has her nose in a Harry Potter book. Jade is constantly filling her family's world with her fabulous wizarding powers and teaching people of the world to be their magical self. 

Mackenzie H., 10

"I love running into school in the morning and hugging my friends hello!"

Mackenzie spends a lot of her time giving back. In her 1st year as a girl scout, she sold over 500 boxes of cookies, sending many to the troops. She has dedicated her time to the Children’s Miracle Network and is planning a Holiday event to read books to children in the hospital. Her family always has bags of necessary items they hand out frequently to their homeless friends in need. They also put together backpacks at their local temple for children entering the foster care system.

Mackenzie loves her two rescue dogs more than anything and is looking forward to planning their upcoming doggie birthday parties! She is a born ham and loves to sing and dance. She's currently been singing "Dear Evan Hansen" and "Hamilton" on a loop. She and her mother have always loved going to theater together! She went to her first play at five and was bitten by the acting bug, so it was only natural she'd try acting herself. You can currently see her playing Little Kate on NBC's "This Is Us".

Alyssa Cheatham, 9

"I like to give random compliments to people. I usually find something I like about someone and I make sure I tell them!"

Alyssa is an actress, singer, model, and motivational speaker.  She is passionate about creative writing, singing, cooking, science, art, and being in front of and behind the camera. She is very instrumental in developing programs for Couture Confidence Camp, LLC; an organization she helped developed with her mom to empower kids and teens to live in confidence. Alyssa is also a G.U.T. member and lives with kindness and confidence at the forefront of her life. She gives back by speaking to kids and teens about living in confidence, shares tips on how to overcome bullying, and gives advice on following your dreams! Alyssa has several films underway and two songs on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Tidal. She recently starred as Will Smith's daughter in the film Collateral Beauty.

Olivia C., 9

“I like to give a friend a hug when she is sad."

Olivia is an active member and Ambassador for Kids for Peace , where they do special projects such as feeding the homeless and visiting the elderly. She has been exposed to kindness since birth. She loves to dance, sing, write and create videos. She has been a big part of creating the Girl Uplifters Team and it’s products, and looks forward to being part of a HUGE G.U.T!

Presley M., 8

"I like to make gifts for people to see them smile!"

Presley and her family sponsor a little girl in Brazil through Compassion International. She loves writing her sponsor letters and drawing her pictures. Presley is also very passionate about helping the homeless. Every time she sees one she wants to offer them food. Presley is an amazing artist and loves to draw. She’s passionate about karate and is also learning to play guitar.

Raegan R., 10

"I loves to give big hugs and help
in any kind of way!"
Raegan is an Ambassador for Children's Hospital LA, donates time and supplies to the Ronald McDonald House, supports local dog rescues by donating money and supplies, feeds homeless, volunteers at Food Forward,  beach cleanups, and donates to Casa Pacifica (Center for Children and Families). She has a very big personality and has loved making people laugh since she was a baby! She has a giving and loving heart and will put others first. She loves animals, reading and writing. She also loves theater, dancing, singing, playing and writing music. You can watch her on the Big Bang Theory spinoff, Young Sheldon, where she plays Sheldon's twin sister, Missy.

Isabella R., 11

"I love to make new friends especially when I don't know anyone at a party!"

Singing makes her happy! She loves all animals and hopes she and her sister and brother can have an animal sanctuary one day! Isabella and her family volunteer at Animal Hope and Wellness once a week, and love and support any charity that helps animals find loving homes! They also volunteer at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles because they love making kids smile! You can see her in the movies Jem & the Holograms, and Unforgettable.

You can be an Ambassador right now by just living within the G.U.T Values, and the G.U.T Pledge!


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