This page will be dedicated to resources, events, and other activities related to girls uplifting girls!

Mother/Daughter Stuff

Are you looking for some activities that you can interact with your daughter in an uplifting way?

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The G.U.T Practice Kits©

The G.U.T Practice Kits© is all about the COGO© (Connection Opportunities, Growth Opportunities). They will includes fun, educational, and uplifting activities and exercises for your child (Pre-K to Teen) - as well as for the family! Soon to be available for purchase at our store: G.U.T GOODS!

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The G.U.T Coloring Book

Through a combination of art and education, this is a wonderful for the young G.U.T Mate to learn about our G.U.T Values and Pledge! This will be available for purchase at our store: G.U.T GOODS!

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What can my Preschool G.U.T member do?

Oh, those precious brain development years. The times where we hope that we are creating positive and effective imprints. It's hard to know what you can do to plant those Uplifter seeds. Here you will find some activities you can do with your preschool-aged G.U.T members!

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What can my Tween G.U.T member do?

Those pesky tween years can be very unpredictable. Hormones are starting to kick in and these young girls are experiencing some things for the first time. It can be confusing, frustrating, and scary. These tween-based activities will support you, and your young girl, through those moments and allow her to THRIVE!

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What can my Middle School G.U.T member do?

Middle school is when we those teen years kick into gear. The emotional prep can feel impossible. Just like the tween years - our teens are learning and experiencing things for the first time, except this time those experiences are potentially devastating! These activities will support with uplifting one's self, and others, through those waves of teenage yuck!

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