The Girl Uplifters Team™ (GUT) has a mission to increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and create self, social, and emotional awareness among girls - through positivity, empowerment, and community. The intention: to introduce the philosophy of uplifting one's self, and others, at an early age - and have this carried into their adulthood – passing it on for generations to come. The focus: GIRLS UPLIFTING GIRLS.
Everywhere. Every single one. Every day.


The Clark girls are have a dream!
We are determined to use our voice for good and influence young girls and their guardians to uplift each other everyday. We are pretty sure it is in our blood to build up the Girl Uplifters Team worldwide. And usually it's tough to stop us when we get started!

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Aimee Clark

CEO, Co-Founder, Co-Dreamer

Aimee is the proud Mama of the G.U.T!
She has been working within the therapy field for over 16 years, with a specific focus on Empowerment. Having two young girls has opened her eyes in many ways. She feels inspired and driven to get every young girl on the Girl Uplifters Team™ from birth, so they can grow into uplifting women!

She is active participant at her daughter's school, promoting Kindness and Making Healthy Choices as the coordinator for Red Ribbon Week, and Co-leader for the Kids for Peace chapter.

She is the founder of Conscious Hollywood, has a blog on Huffington Post (The Healing Vigilante), and has been in private practice since 2002.


Olivia Clark

Co-Founder & Co-Dreamer

Olivia is truly a Pioneer of the G.U.T! All of this started with her desire to create her own "thing". She is a creative and curious child, who has written and illustrated her own books since she was three years old. She has always had a desire to please and help others, and is an active part of her Kids for Peace group. She has a love for dancing and singing and has been modeling and acting since age two. She just completed 100 jobs as of this year!

Like most eight year old girls, she gives us a great view into some of the struggles young girls are having. Along with her sister, she is learning about what it means to uplift each other.


Maya Le Clark

Co-Founder & Co-Dreamer

Maya is another true Pioneer of the G.U.T! She was born with a giving heart and a desire to make others laugh and smile. She consistently tries to help others, has always had a lot of spirit, and is not afraid to chat you up. And if she sees that someone is hurt, or if she has hurt them, she is aware to do something about it!

She has a love for dancing, singing, and acting. Some of you may know her as Chloe from Nickelodeon's The Thundermans. She understands more each day the importance of being a role model for other children, and definitely wants to help young girls uplift each other!

Along with her sister, she is learning about what it means to uplift each other.

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