The $100 Story

On Christmas Eve 2015, I (Aimee) was doing some last minute shopping. As I stepped out of my car I saw a folded up bill laying on the ground. I quickly looked around to see if someone dropped it - but no one seemed in search. I picked it up and looked closer. It was a $100 bill (actual bill pictured above)!

Immediately I felt sad. I knew that someone REALLY needed that money, and there was no way for me to find them. I couldn't have Walmart make an announcement, or shout out, "Hey, anyone lose a hundred bucks?" No way. Not on Christmas Eve. It could cause a frenzy!

I felt a little helpless. I played out a few scenarios of what I could do, but nothing seemed to feel good to me.

The one thing I knew, was that something special would be done with the money.

I posted about it on social media to hold myself accountable, and to get some potential ideas on how to turn that $100 into thousands, so we could pay it forward to something bigger.

Since then, I have kept the $100 bill on my bathroom mirror. I placed it there to remind me every day to be grateful for what I have. It has really helped me in a lot of challenging moments. And I knew - one day - it would find it's purpose.

And that day finally came: The Girl Uplifters Team.

With that initial $100, I purchased what is now called the G.U.T GIVES Power Bracelet, in Solid Black with Pink text, we urge you to TRUST YOUR G.U.T - not just your Girl Uplifters Team - but also your instincts; your gut!

Any sales from this item will go back into the community to charities, organizations, events, scholarships, grants, etc that are aligned with our G.U.T Pledge and Values.

My dream:
To have a continuous flow of income to keep this going for decades.