Welcome to the Girl Uplifters Team™!

June 6th, 2017 will mark the official announcement of the Girl Uplifters Team™! We are starting small and building into something huge. Check out our G.U.T Intro Video on our YouTube channel! 

Next G.U.T Gatherings:

March 25th: G.U.T 2.0:
For Young Girls and their Guardians
in Del Mar, CA


The Girl Uplifters Team™ (GUT) has a mission to create self and social awareness among girls - through positivity, empowerment, and community. The intention: to introduce the philosophy of uplifting one's self, and others, at an early age - and have this carried into their adulthood – passing it on for generations to come. The focus: GIRLS UPLIFTING GIRLS.
Everywhere. Every single one. Every day.

LISTEN TO OUR G.U.T SONG Lift Me Up written and performed by Lily Kincade (joined by some of our ambassadors)! 


A Great time was had at the first ever G.U.T Gathering!

We sang! We danced! We breathed! We stretched! We listened! We shared! We put out positive thoughts! We laughed! We played! Most importantly - we learned and practiced about self and social awareness AND we planted that Uplifter Superhero Seed! Find out what some of our attendees had to say here.

Our G.U.T Pledge

I pledge to be uplifting to everyone I see,

I pledge to be encouraging, and the kindest I can be.

I pledge to show I’m grateful, for the friend I have in you,

I pledge to try to be helpful, and understanding too.

I pledge to cheer you on, when you are feeling glad.

I pledge to have a hug for you, when you are feeling sad.

I pledge to share a great big smile,

and have an open heart.

I pledge to really listen, when you want to talk.

I pledge to be friendly, and have fun along the way.

I pledge to compliment you just to brighten up your day!

I pledge to be aware, of what I say and do.

I pledge to be accepting, of myself and YOU.

I pledge to be positive, and celebrate your dreams.

I pledge to be an awesome part of the Girl Uplifters Team!

An Open Letter to the Parent, Guardian, Aunt, Cousin, Teacher, Neighbor, etc. of a Young Girl...

I’m going to get real for a minute. I am in my early 40s, yet when I think back to my life as a young girl, there are some memories that can bring up some serious tears and stomach knots. Not just in regards to myself, but also some of the experiences I witnessed of girls pushing other girls down emotionally and mentally.

Being critical, for no reason, excluding each other, being negative or hurtful in their words and actions…straight up bullying. It’s stuff like this that can plant dark seeds of how we see ourselves, each other, and the world.

I really thought I had moved on from all of that. I mean, after all, it was 35+ years ago. I did my time.

And then…I had daughters.

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